Seeing Vs. Remembering

I know I saw the Christian protestors at the Pride Parade today. I know I heard them preaching about sin and repentance and about how God loves you (as long as you’re straight). I saw the sign that said that homosexuality is a sin.

But just because I saw them, doesn’t mean I’ll remember them.

What I’ll remember are the anti anti-gay protestors who had signs that read “God Hates Broccoli”, “Broccoli is destroying the moral fabric of society”, and “1 Broccoli + 1 Broccoli = Sinful Salad” (my personal favourite).

And I’ll remember the brave men and women in uniform who walked hand in hand with their partners down the middle of the street, and the cop who almost fell over she was laughing so hard at the broccoli signs. And the little girl selling rainbow bracelets, who had a shirt that said “If Mom says no, I’ll just ask Cool Mom.” And the two women on a church float in their ivory gowns holding up a “Just Married” sign. The hugs, smiles, kind words of welcome and support as I talked with strangers in the park: these I’ll remember.

In short, what I’ll remember from today are all the little moments when community and love triumphed over bigotry and hate.