Autumn Magic

grey fall days make me want to go east,

she told me.

go east to where? I asked her.

I’ll only know when I get there.

the wind caught her hair as she strode before me,

a red flash parting the sea of clouds.

she said grey was her favourite colour;

I struggled to keep up with the wind.

at night she lit candles and looked out eastern windows

as a cold rain started to fall.

over tea she told me of ghosts that she’d met,

of the magic that comes only in autumn.

(I didn’t believe her.)

I lost her, one bright summer.

now I wait, with candles and tea in fine china,

for the wind and the first drops of cold rain.

on this grey day, I look east and await the ghost of her magic.


Still Motion

light travels faster than sound,

so I see flashes

reflected on dry pavement

fast food restaurant windows

and gas station pillars

before the siren splits

rush hour in half.

the sound stings.

ambient traffic

reluctantly pauses.

I am a silhouette against its still motion.

the blurred jumpsuit behind the wheel leans,

checking for oblivious left-turners

and ear-budded pedestrians,

but I am alone on this cornersquare

of sidewalk.

does it see me,

the world in that burst of speed

through the intersection?

I tell myself it is the cool wind

that has started the burn

in my eyes’ corners

as I lift weighted feet

to carry on.

The Creative Life

Originally published on Big Tall Words, June 26, 2014

I dream
of being you:

of dancing, smoothly awkward,
at award shows after-parties;

of not being sneered at for wearing sneakers
everywhere, even with formal attire;

of being read and recognized;

of knowing that my work, my words
mean something,
touch something

of never guessing (but perhaps hoping) that someone would read me and
pick up a pen on a saturday morning in march
to create.

[dedicated to Joss Whedon]

DOLLHOUSE:  Joss Whedon (R) directing on set with director of photography Ross Berryman (L).  ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Greg Gayne/FOX

©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Greg Gayne/FOX